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3 Tips to Make Your Business Card a Real Keeper

Jan 10 , 2018
Though advances in technology are constantly redefining the ways in which we do business, one conventional business practice has stood the test of time: the business card. Printed business cards provide a tangible, personalized element to relationship-building that digital alternatives cannot. And, when tailored to reflect your brand’s image, business cards serve as important marketing collateral for creating a positive, long-lasting first impression. 

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, 72% of professionals say they judge companies based upon the quality of their employees’ business cards. A strong design is a driving force ensuring your business cards reflects both you and your organization well.

Here are three tips for creating a brand-building business card that is sure to leave a good impression:

1. Make it colourful. In the same survey, 78% of respondents said a colour business card is more memorable than a standard, white card. Align your colour palette and graphics with your brand standards to help ensure a seamless brand experience at every touchpoint.   

2. Choose an unusual material. Although cardstock is both cost-effective and practical, virtually any paper and a wide variety of finishes can be used for business cards – textured or smooth, glossy or matte. However, if you’re truly set on setting your brand apart, choose a lightweight wood or plastic sheath. 

3. Investing a little more should pay off: Nearly four out of 10 survey takers said they would choose not to do business with someone if they have a “cheap looking” business card. 

4. Keep it consistent. The look and feel of your brand and all your promotional materials are likely to evolve over time. Plan to do a brand audit annually to weed out the materials that are outdated in information and appearance. Your schedule of design revisions just might start with your business cards. 

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